Kamis, 13 Juni 2013

Do you remember the thing what we do?

There are 6,800,000,000 people on the earth and I only want you, dont you remember when I choose you than my girlfriend? its so difficult and im feel so confuse..
Oct, 26th 2011. wow, its so long ago rigt? do you remember thing waht we do?

Let me explain, from the begining until now..

the first time I try meet you.. 
no, i never meet you before. I know you from my ex-gf. Ad then I moved to Jogja from Bekasi, do you know what I think for the first time? I find ways to meet you, haha its so silly thing when I remember you dont respect my short message. Im fully hopeless.. am I stop because that matter? nooooo! haha

the second time I try too meet you..
Em... Finally we meet at mall, you with your friend and I with my bitch! ha
I look you aroound and you felt the spoon! its funny thing..

the time I ask you to be my girlfriend
Its time to make you happy! I ask you to be my gf. and you accet me.. The process isnt easy like I write and pull the keyboard, but i make it simple..
I dunno what happen after that, im still remember but i think i still forget one or two or hundred thing about "us".
You and I makes one billion happines and sadness :(

20th month after Oct, 26th 2011
we still together..
but at least I hope its a gift from God, because with it we were together until the day I wrote it..

I write the trully thing what I cant explain with my word, with my tounge and my mouth. Be here baby, dont leave. Stay here at beside me, hit me when I naughty and disturb the other girl. Make me still love you whatever you use the way. Keep me on deep deep deep your heart, jail me on your mind.. Dont let me go :)
"Love is when you find someone that you can really be yourself with and can share everything with. It's when you cant even imagine what your life would be like without that person. When words dont even come close to how you really feel and even though it doesn't make sense to other people. You know were meant to be together always."