Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

A r-e-l-a-t-i-o-n-s-h-i-p EQUAL relationship

Having a relationship? You’ve? I’ve, and it’s about two years when Oct 26. How i explain about relationship? Um... Like a marriage i thought. But, are you know what the real mean? Let’s explain some argument from the people.
  • First people        : Pacaran itu ya punya hubungan sama orang lain, jadian lah.
  •  Second people : Satu ikatan yang di isi oleh suatu pengertian, perhatian, kejujuran&kesetiaan.
  • Third people      : Pacaran tuh nyantai, nggak usah ngekang, pacaran tuh sersan. Serius tapi nyantai.

That’s some argument that i’ve, I can’t write all about it. But from the outline, we know if having a relationship is not easy like we said it.

For example:
“ I have a cheating. Cheat from her heart, she is very very angry and dissapointed to me. All i do is wrong in her eyes, everyday like a hell for me. Why? Because she always look my mistakes, she isn’t forgive me. She said “paling nanti juga gitu lagi, dia nggak akan berubah.” What i must do if her mindset is that? Am i wrong if i was apologize and want she now im change? Canyou give me a solutions?”
The relationship must have some key, yap! that’s make a relationship working. But i dunno how it’s working to some people had a traumatic or people said “I’ve a traumatic” with this pain.
  1. 1.       Believe

Don’t walking at one relatonship if you can’t belive to your partner. It’s hurt even you know your  partner can’t believe you anymore. Like.. you’ve a mistakes. But your partner still remember it and not tryin’ to forgive you. She/he obey your apologize and said “nothing, i was forgive you since yesterday.. what are you doing is right”. Oh damn! I very very dislike his/her answer.
  1. 2.       Tryin’ to forgive a mistakes

Everyone had a mistakes. It’s only a human doing. But i dunno if your partner make the same mistake for a long time. You must know, why your partner doing it? You must ask, you must talking by heart. Don’t use your ego. Talk with your heart, talk with his/her eyes and then? Hug you partner. It’s really comfortable if you fight and you’ve a hug J
  1. 3.       Open the new sheets

Try to had a new sheets, blanks sheet. And there’s nothing except white paper, no question mark, nothing, nothing. Your partner and you must had it. You can’t walk and saw the past, you must look the future.  How you life, how you choose your partner in the future, etc. Im pretty sure, it’s working than you fight with your mouth!

Your partner is human, not robot. She/he can do anything they want, and you? You too. It’s not wrong if you have a cheating with someone else, the true love is uniqe. It can be a GOD if you two had a love. But still remember, if you had a pain, give your partner a knowledge. Knowledge about how you feel the pain becase him/her attitude. Nothing is perfect, but you can be a perfect partner if you have a stonger of love. Try it, and i hope your partner can apolgize you and one thing.. “she/he can forget it, and the pain not come back to shadowing your relationship.”

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